Combustion mechanism utilizing aritifical tornado


PURPOSE:To raise the effect of combustion by drawing the combustion flame in the state of a vortex through an artificial tornado generating mechanism. CONSTITUTION:When air is discharged into a cylindrical body 1 for combustion from an air discharge port 2, the air swirls along the internal side wall of the cylindrical body 1 for combustion, forming an artificial tornado H which stands between a burner 4 and an air suction pipe 3 with its bottom at the burner 4. The flame 5 which is burning from the burner 4 runs upwards in a vortex towards the air suction pipe 3 due to the artificial tornado H. Because in this case the flame 5 makes a long flame running upwards in the air section of the artificial tornado H, the time of combustion becomes longer and because at the same time the air converges to the central section along the whole length of the flame 5, enough oxygen is supplied to the flame 5. As a result it is possible to give complete combustion to the flame 5 from the burner 4.




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