Supervisory and control system for optical repeater


PURPOSE:To attain serial feeding of incoming/outgoing regenerative repeating circuit by applying AC coupling between incoming/outgoing supervisory control circuits to attain common communication and simultaneous operation of an AC control instruction signal. CONSTITUTION:In case of applying loopback from an incoming optical fiber F1 transmission line to a prescribed repeater R, a common regenerative repeating circuit designation code (C0) and its succeeding loopback control instruction code (C1) are set. The control instruction code C1 is received by monitor control circuits 7, 7' via a coupling capacitor 9 to control incoming/ outgoing loopback circuits 6, 6' installed for respective incoming/outgoing regenerative repeating circuits A, A'. Thus, the series feeding of the incoming/ outgoing regenerative repeating circuits is attained to constitute the loopback circuit without increasing the feeding voltage of the transmission system.




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