Acquiring system for dynamic characteristics of program


PURPOSE: To acquire the dynamic characteristics of a program for each subroutine by converting a source program to which a calling sentence is inserted by an inserting means into an object program for production of a load module. CONSTITUTION: A CALL sentence inserting means 101 outputs a FORTRAN source program B containing a CALL sentence to a disk device 202. This CALL sentence calls a subroutine C right before the first executing sentence in each subroutine, a subroutine D right before a RETURN sentence and a subroutine E right before a STOP sentence. A translation means 102 translates the program B by means of a FORTRAN compiler and outputs the translated program B to a disk device 203. A connection means 103 connects all objects stored in a disk device 204 including those objects of subroutines C, D and E to an object program outputted to the device 203. Then an executing means 104 carries out an obtained load module and delivers the dynamic characteristics to an output means 3. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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