Treatment of expandable material


PURPOSE: To industrially and advantageously extract, separate, and refine one or plural kinds of the components from a mixture of expandable materials by using a subcritical or supercritical fluid as an extractant. CONSTITUTION: CO 2 as the extractant from a CO 2 cylinder 1 is compressed to a specified pressure by using a compressor 2, and passed through a heat exchanger 3 and heated to the specified extraction temp. Consequently, the CO 2 is made subcritical or supercritical, and introduced into an extraction tower 4. The expandable mixture is charged in the extraction tower 4, and extracted by the CO 2 . The pressure of the CO 2 phase contg. the extracts is reduced through a pressure reducing valve 5, and the CO 2 phase is introduced into a separator 6 wherein the extracts are separated from CO 2 . The CO 2 separated from the extracts is cooled and liquefied in a condenser 7, and the liquefied CO 2 is recycled through the compressor 2. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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