Method and apparatus for extractive fractionation of oil-soluble compound


PURPOSE: To obtain an ideal spectrum by recovering even a very small amount of an oils-soluble substance, by a method wherein a raw material liquid containing the oil-soluble substance is sent to a plurality of fractionation columns respectively adjusted to different stationary aqueous phase pH-values and connected in series along with a non-polar extract to perform extractive fractionation based on the liquidity of the oil-soluble compound. CONSTITUTION: An extractive fractionation apparatus of an oil-soluble compound consists of a fractionation column 2a packed with a packing agent 3a having a weak alkaline 5% NaHCO 3 solution injected therein, the detachable fractionation column 2b on the downstream side thereof, the collector 4 on the downstream side thereon, the non-polar extract tank 5 on the upstream side of the columns 2a, 2b, the detachable raw material column 6 on the upstream side of the fractionation columns 2a, 2b and the liquid feed apparatus on the upstream side of the raw material column 6. A packing agent 3b having a strong alkaline 5% NaOH solution injected therein is charged in the fractionation column 2b and a raw material liquid 8 containing the oil-soluble compound is injected in the raw material column 6 packed with the packing agent and, further, a non-polar extractant 7 is prepared in a non-polar extractant tank 5 before the feed of the liquid. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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