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PURPOSE: To contrive a lower cost and a higher throughput on a total basis, by a system wherein when an inputted document text contain a table part, the table part is recognized as a table, which a table part which can not be recognized as a table is indicated as a table, and the table parts thus recognized or indicated as a table are composed while retaining the form of the table. CONSTITUTION: A table part in a document text is recognized as a table, and information on ruled lines and information on cells are all registered into tables CTB, RTB, CELL. Therefore, in the subsequently processing of the document text, a text part is closely composed by treating the parts of frames of the table as inhibited areas. For the table part, ruled lines are formed based on the tables CTB, RTB, and characters in each cell are closely composed in the cell on the basis of the information in the cell table CELL, whereby the table part is outputted in the state of being composed while retaining the form of the table. Thus, the document text so formed that an outer frame of the table is rectangular and all regions bounded by the ruled lines in the document text are rectangular can be utilized as it is. COPYRIGHT: (C)1988,JPO&Japio




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